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With classrooms reeling from the pandemic, it’s time for cultural institutions to do more

Citing the pandemic's impact on students, Doctrina Education Consulting, LLC rebrands as Wondrus Consulting, LLC

PRESS RELEASE SEP 22, 2021 15:00 EDT

Committed to supporting cultural institutions in reaching all learners, Doctrina Education Consulting, LLC is now Wondrus Consulting, LLC, a change the women-owned company has made to underscore the imperative of supporting all students' right to wonder, especially now.

As another school year in the shadow of COVID-19 begins, it is clear that the pandemic's impact on learning will have a long tail. Inequities between students of color, rural students, poor students and their suburban, white peers, have been exacerbated by distance and hybrid learning. Every day, teachers are waking up to unprecedented challenges: increased numbers of students below grade level; surging student anxiety; politically fraught masking policies to enforce; fears of how new COVID variants might disrupt the year. Against this backdrop of sustained disequilibrium, the nation's cultural institutions have an opportunity to change the way they show up for K-12 students; to become, rather than the icing on the cake of a well-rounded education, baked into the cake itself.

"The annual field trip as a marker of impact for museums is anachronistic," says Posie Wood, co-founder and managing director at Wondrus. "We believe that cultural institutions can- and should- play a more central role in K-12 education, our goal is to support them in democratizing the great store of knowledge behind their doors."

Cultural institutions tell amazing stories - some stories are key to a better functioning society, while others are the collected riches and wisdom of centuries. All can provide critical context and lay a foundation of world and word knowledge that are building blocks of K-12 education. Perhaps more importantly, these stories support all students' right to wonder. And, in an era of unprecedented social emotional needs in our nation's youth, cultural institutions can validate diverse life experiences, be a portal into the world, and build empathy. Wondrus works with its clients to inspire wonder and support educational achievement through accessible learning materials, engagement with teachers, and consistent quality for all.

"Cultural institutions are treasure troves of engaging and important knowledge that should be part of every child's public education," says Lisa Bernstein, co-founder and managing director, "Meanwhile, most children are locked out. This inequitable access can be remedied by applying the carefully honed discipline of successful educators and the user-focused lens of a product manager to create high quality learning materials that meet children where they are."

The founders of Wondrus understand the realities of American classrooms and kitchen tables and know how to unleash the knowledge stewarded by cultural institutions for all children, not just those lucky enough to visit. This expertise fuels their goal of closing the gap between what organizations are doing today and what they can and should do tomorrow to lower the barriers to access.

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Source: Wondrus Consulting, LLC

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