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Our Core Services

We surface opportunities–both live and digital–for memorable learning experiences, create strategic plans that deliver on that promise, provide ready-to-use educational materials, and give your staff the means to do more. 

Wondrus knows that no two clients are alike in their needs, budget or goals. We work with each client to determine the right blend of services that align with their objectives and calibrate to an organization's size and capacity. The first step is a conversation.
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We surface opportunities

Our original research and reports create the foundation for a forward-looking strategy to reach your target learners while also centering equity and scale. Opportunities reports always reflect your focus and questions and can also inform mission-critical work such as mobilizing donors and fundraising campaigns and new staff training. Tuned to your needs and budget, opportunities reports may include:

  • interviews with and surveys of K-12 educators,

  • environmental scan of the market and forces contributing to current market dynamics,

  • synthesis of available secondary research,

  • "audits" of your existing catalogue of online learning materials,

  • competitive reviews of peer organizations

Opportunities reports are very often, but not always, the first step in our work together, providing the background and perspective needed to inform a strategy roadmap. 

We test assumptions

To ensure your investment in educational resources has the desired impact, you must seek dispassionate user feedback. The Wondrus Educators Council connects our clients with objective representatives of their target audience. The Council is an always growing network of over 300 educators at-the-ready to participate in focus groups, user interviews, surveys—and even pilot prototypes in their classrooms. The Educators Council facilitates your ability to get input from regular teachers representing diverse communities and experiences (tenure in the classroom, socio-economic levels, ethnicity and race, grade-levels, subject areas, etc.)- not those who are already your institutional champions and power users. Wondrus uses this group to pressure test learning resources and then synthesizes the feedback into actionable takeaways and next steps. 

We build capacity

We empower your staff to create more effective modes of teaching, whether reaching K-12 classrooms, training your volunteers, or better informing adult constituents. Part of capacity building is the elimination of repetitive tasks and overly involved onboarding; our approach tends to include:

  • needs assessment to understand the unmet goals and needs of all stakeholders

  • asynchronous course and materials design to maximize staff efficiency

  • coaching models based on a gradual release strategy that emphasizes learning new skills—including the design and execution of instructional materials—that can be applied to future projects, not simply mastery of a single presentation or plan.

We stick with it- and with you

We work with your staff to create high-impact, defensible instructional materials and learning experiences, from prototyping to the finished product, including the development of usable, organization specific tools such as quality indicators, templates, and content maintenance processes to facilitate continuous improvement. From full project management and delivery of large-scale materials development initiatives to a purely consultative role, our contribution reflects your need.


We believe instructional materials are a lever for change, one of the most important keys to unlocking potential. Working with your staff, we create high-impact, defensible instructional materials and learning experiences, from prototyping to the finished product, including the development of quality indicators for continuous improvement. Over the past decade, we have lived and breathed instructional materials development, from full project management and delivery of large-scale initiatives to a purely consultative role--our contribution always reflects your need.


Let's Work Together

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