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We Are Teachers

We love designing weather experiments with third graders, plotting a monarch butterfly’s route to Mexico with Kindergartners, and reading “The Lottery” with eighth graders. We ask big questions, like “What makes a rocket ship fly?”, small questions like “Why is ⅓ larger than ¼?” and wild questions like, “Could you bring dinosaurs back using DNA from a chicken?” We love the sound of 24 pencils scratching away in composition books.


And yes, we are also project managers who love a good spreadsheet and have lived and breathed instructional materials development for the last ten years.

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Lisa Bernstein

Meet Our Founders

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Marley MacDonald
Posie Wood

"Before Planet Word even had doors, Wondrus spotlighted the connection points and avenues for reaching students and teachers for each planned gallery, creating an invaluable framework that guides our education approach and team in supporting and interacting with school-aged children. Beyond the actionable education wisdom, the Opportunities Report is a rich resource we continue to mine for fundraising, staff onboarding and shaping our strategy for creating educational resources that meet the needs of children, and their caregivers and teachers."

Patty Isacson Sabee


Let's Work Together

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